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Rabbiee (rabbie, teacher, master) founded by Godala Vinod Dinakar (GVD), writes articles on teachings of Jesus Christ. It was Jesus's followers and disciples who addressed him as 'rabboni', in Hebrew/(Aramaic) which is to say 'Teacher' (John: 20:16) and 'rabbi' (John 1:38  &  John: 9:2)

In Arabic language 'rabb(i) ' means LORD and 'rabbiee' is my LORD. The master Jesus Christ 's teachings & observations on life stretch beyond human thinking and imagination that have endless relevance; enough to provoke thoughts in people of our times as they are equally touching and relevant today as they were during his times.

The word of GOD from the Holy Bible has been and shall be a source of guide to acceptable individual and social behavior that will set in motion a way for orderly life.

The recordings from the Old & New Testaments from the Holy Bible touch our lives on varied aspects and the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ  focus on tolerance, anger management, love, care for others, forgiveness, complacency, eternal life, mighty power, evils of society, the presence of Almighty, his second coming ; among many other aspects that guide our social behavior and attempts to enhance individual expectancy levels.

The underlying messages of various religions in the world also indicate teachings & instructions focusing on good/bad aspects for the people to choose from. Mahtma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi),   noted freedom fighter, drew inspiration from teachings of Jesus Christ  particularly non-violence which he successfully experimented along with others,  to get freedom to India in late 1940 s.

Godala Vinod Dinakar, a management graduate (MBA) ,former Asst.Professor (1981) of Satavahana University, Karimnagar, India taught Business Management , served as Administrator in the Middle East (Qatar) (1983-85) ,worked for World Bank-NCDC  Rural Storage Project project through APCOB's ACSTI, a training & development , for sustainable development (1986-1993) and served as Asst. General Manager  (AGM) for APCOB & Deputy General Manager(DGM)  for Karimnagar District Cooperative Central Bank ltd (KDCCB) ,India. Mr. Dinakar is into Research leading to his Ph.D from Osmania University,India from the Business Management dept. He earned his MA in Christian Studies from Allahabad ,SHIATS (Deemed University) and holds JAIIB (Banking) and Junior Diploma in ARABIC (JDA) from Osmania University, India.

GVD is exposed to varied functional & operational areas during the past 35 years such as teaching, administration,training & development,marketing, public relations, capacity building ,general banking, institutional finance, poverty alleviation ,micro-financing ,project financing ,OD ,process improvement ,disciplinary compliance management ,legal aspects and facilities management.

He makes humble attempt to combine his experience with that of teachings of Jesus Christ as also from other world religious faiths to draw attention on spreading the message of Rabbi for universal brotherhood and harmony in society. The translation into Arabic language is an attempt to reach out to wider areas and in consonance with GVDs inclination to the language & past exposure to Middle Eastern region ( Doha-Qatar).

For convenience , the article content is translated into national language Hindi, regional language Telugu and UN approved language Arabic.

Godala Vinod Dinakar

Founder & CEO

  (Rabbiee Foundation)

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